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WorldPutin hands over army to economist

Putin hands over army to economist

The Russian Senate has approved this Tuesday the candidacy of Andrei Belousov as the new Minister of Defense to replace Sergei Shoiguwho had held the position for the last twelve years.

Putin’s decision to appoint Belousov as the new Minister of Defense is totally surprising, since, in practice, It means ceding control of the Russian Army to an economist.

Belousov is a civilian with a strong economic profile. Good proof of this is that, until now, The new Minister of Defense had only dealt with entirely economic tasks in the Russian Government.

In fact, Belousov was until now deputy prime minister of the Russian Executive and has played economic charges such as Minister of Economic Development or that of Presidential advisor for Economic Affairs.

In this last stage as deputy prime ministerAndrei Belousov has taken care of the socioeconomic development and of the application of a unified financial, credit and monetary policy. Likewise, he has taken responsibility for the regulation of financial, insurance and audit markets.

A goal for Belousov, to win the war “with the minimum number of casualties”

As stated EFEduring his speech before the Senate, Belousov has promised to introduce modern combat methods in Ukraine with the objective of achieve victory in the war “with the minimum number of casualties.”

“The key task remains, without a doubt, achieving victory and guarantee the achievement of the political-military objectives of the special military operation established by the president. By the way, and I especially want to insist on this, with the minimum number of casualties.”Belousov stressed.

In that sense, the newly appointed Russian Defense Minister has highlighted that The priority will be to supply weapons, ammunition, drones and new generation radio-electronic fighting equipment to the units currently fighting in Ukrainian territory.

On the other hand, Andrei Belousov has reported that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has entrusted him with the mission to guarantee “the full integration” of the economy of the Armed Forces into the country’s economysince the military industry has become the locomotive of national development.

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