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WorldPutin warns NATO that sending troops to Ukraine would have "tragic" consequences

Putin warns NATO that sending troops to Ukraine would have “tragic” consequences

The Russian president, Vladimir Putinwarned NATO this Thursday that the deployment of allied troops in Ukraine “would cause irreparable damage to security and stability” in Europe since the consequences would be “tragic”.

The Kremlin has denied the possibility that Russia is going to extend the war conflict to Europe and has called the accusations that Moscow is going to attack the European continent “nonsense.” They have also ruled out that Russia considers deploying military weapons in the cosmos, as stated USA.

Putin has thus reacted to the conversations that took place during this week’s celebration of the Paris Conference, in which more than twenty leaders from across the European Union and NATO gathered to address the issue of the conflict in Ukraine. The spokesman for the Russian Presidency, Dmitri Peskovhas stated in this regard that “a conflict with NATO would be inevitable” if the sending of allied troops actually took place.

Likewise, Putin recalled during the state of the nation speech before both houses of the Russian Parliament “the fate of those who at the time sent troops to the territory of our country”, indicating that on this occasion the consequences of a military intervention would be much more serious.

The Russian leader has also threatened the fact that his country possesses weapons that could “hit targets in its territories” and has accused the West of provoking “conflicts in Ukraine, the Middle East and other regions of the world.

The Russian president has stated that Moscow intends to develop the military-technical complex in order to strengthen the industrial, technological and scientific potential of the country. For this reason he has stressed that the West’s “trick” of “trying to make the Russian Federation make the same mistake as the Soviet Union being involved in an arms race” would not prosper.

Given the statements made this Monday by the French president Emmanuel Macron In relation to the possible sending of troops to Ukraine, the Kremlin highlighted this Thursday the “lack of adequate understanding of self-protection” by “the current generation of European leaders”, who “probably do not have an adequate understanding of the word ‘security‘.

Macron has hardly received support from the member countries of the Alliance regarding the idea of ​​​​initiating military aid to Ukraine, with the exception of Lithuania and Latviawho have been open to considering this submission.

“Latvia continues to examine many different ways to strengthen support for Ukraine. Should NATO allies reach an agreement on the deployment of troops to Ukraine, Latvia would consider participating,” said a spokesperson for the Latvian Ministry of Defense.

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