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WorldRacism: Walk out of Serie A match |

Racism: Walk out of Serie A match |

Rome: Halfway through Serie A rivalry The departure of Rathi stars. Udinese – A.C. Milan during the match with fierce rivalry The Milan stars stopped the game as the gallery was full. Th. Udinese fan confronts Milan goalkeeper Mike Mignon The shouts and shouts of Milan take a one-goal lead in the first half As Pam reached her peak, Mignon and her friends stopped playing and started dressing. Went up to the room. Milan won 3-2 when play resumed after a brief interruption. .

28-year-old Maignan said that this is not the first time that he has been called a monkey. Star with words of comfort from colleagues After standing around, the gloves were removed and the star climbed. Leaving was a painful sight. Goalie had complained about this to the referee earlier.

After this, the Friuli plains rose to end the dynastic domination. Hwanamuyran but there was no result. The game was stopped and restarted after five minutes. Choose to win and shut up instead of quitting. The Milan stars later said that it was. Half of the Udinese stadium in the next match The competition will be closed.

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