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EntertainmentRadja Vs Ipay Regarding Cinderella, Previously, Dewa 19 had a similar case

Radja Vs Ipay Regarding Cinderella, Previously, Dewa 19 had a similar case


The conflict between the Radja band, especially the vocalist, Ian Kasela, and Ipay still continues to this day. Of course, the chaos was related to the song Cinderella, which Ipay claimed was completely owned by Ipay as the creator.

Unfortunately, for decades, Ipay’s name was not registered as the creator of the Cinderella song, which was popular in the early 2000s.

In fact, Ian Kasela’s name is perched as the composer of the song Cinderella.

Decades have passed, now Ipay is starting to get tired of being patient and finally appears to the public to announce his version of the truth. He even sued Ian Kasela for IDR 20 billion for this case.

Not only that, Ipay even appeared on musician Anji’s Dunia Manji podcast and explained his version of the facts behind the song Cinderella.

This case was then crowded into the public spotlight. However, this is not the only case that has been busy in the Indonesian music industry.

If you remember again, in 2002 Dewa 19 also had a similar case. They once used one of the novel titles as one of the song titles.

The title was Arjuna Looking for Love which has now been changed to Arjuna.

At that time Dewa 19 had a problem with Yudhistira Massardi as the person who wrote the novel Arjuna Looking for Love. At that time, Yudhistira was reluctant to use the title of his novel as the title of the album Dewa 19.

The feud also heated up because Dewa 19 was allegedly still promoting the song even though Yudhistira had received a ban.

This case dragged on for quite a long time until finally Ahmad Dhani CS chose to just use the name Arjuna.

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