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WorldRDC: I sold to 8 people, not 5 civilians

RDC: I sold to 8 people, not 5 civilians

AA / Kinshasa / Pascal Mulegwa

A military unit of all persons, not civilian, dimanche, in Ituri, in the north-east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (RDC), indicated by arms and civil society.

“As of 07 hours ago, an army of 8 people, including its head of the unit and its two guards of a body of more than 5 civilians,” declared to the Agency Anadolu Dieudonn√© Lossa, president of the civil society of l ‘ Ituri.

The incident took place in the locality of Bamboo, located more than 40 kilometers from the head of the province of Ituri, Bunia.

The 5 civilians are passers-by of a bus passing near the scene of the incident. “It’s going to fire the volley,” Lossa regretted. The port of call of the armed forces in Ituri, the lieutenant Jules Ngongo jointly from Anatolia condensed this incident which, according to him, “is an isolated case which could not join the military discipline of any units engaged at the front”.

The armor, in turn, is lowered by its weapon combinations in the field.

Lieutenant Jules Ngongo indicated that the order was given to serve the civic and patriotic education by deploying on the ground to “regulate discipline in the ranks of the units that are at the front”.

Cases of killing civilians by “Ivres” militias or pressed by an emotional shock are accentuated in the Congolese Army or weapons depot with about 30 members of the group without weapons.

In 2020, an “Ivre” militia will open fire on passers-by in at least twelve persons, without a two-person shooter, in the Jewish court on July 31, in South Kivu.

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