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WorldRepair of damaged bridges in Çatalzeytin started

Repair of damaged bridges in Çatalzeytin started

The level of the Akçay Stream, located on the border of Kastamonu-Sinop province, has risen due to the torrential rain in the district since Friday, May 6th. While 6 of the temporary bridges built with culverts were destroyed by the effect of heavy rain, the roads of 5 villages were closed to transportation.

Following the decrease in the water level in the stream beds, Çatalzeytin District Governorate and Provincial Special Administration teams started work to repair the temporary bridges and reopen the village roads to transportation.

Çatalzeytin District Governor Mubin Demirkıran told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the region received significant rainfall last week.

Demirkıran stated that some temporary culvert bridges were damaged by the effect of the rain and said, “The temporary culvert bridges, which were damaged immediately after the water flow fell, started to be repaired quickly. All necessary measures were taken to prevent our citizens from experiencing unjust treatment. The deteriorated bridges will be repaired in a short time and will be opened to transportation.” said.

Zeki Şensoy (54), whose village bridge was damaged, stated that he was a farmer and said, “It rained for 3 days and 3 nights and this made it like this. There was a flood, the bridges were destroyed, the roads were damaged. The District Governor’s Office and Special Administration teams came and started to make our way. be pleased.” he said.

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