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Review between the President of the European Commission and the Prime Minister of Hungary

AA / Brussels / Agnes Szucs

The president of the European Commission wants to challenge the Hungarian prime minister, free of charge, in an official Lundi public communication, even though Budapest is openly barricaded by the imposition of a petrol embargo on Russia.

“President (Ursula) Von der Leyen is in the middle of nowhere (midnight) in Hungary to reshuffle Prime Minister Viktor Orban,” Eric Mamer said on Twitter.

“I will discuss the questions related to the security of Europe ‘s energy appropriation”, added Mamer.

This visit interferes with all the negotiations between the members of the IU are at the point of death during the course of the six train of sanctions against Russia, which, note, is an interdiction of imports of Russian oil.

Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, which are heavily dependent on Russian energy imports, have been concerned about proposing sanctions against the European Commission and demanding that they be tested.

In addition to the latest information, Bulgaria also often demands deregulation benefits.

As the project proposes a progressive retroactive period for Hungary until the end of 2024, the Hungarian government is mounted inflexible and has the most virulent payroll refractory.

Experimentally placed on the Hungarian radio, Kossuth, Orban compared the proposal of the oil embargo to “a nuclear bomb” for the Hungarian economy and explicitly stated that the executive body of the IU on the other hand solution via enclave country for reprocessing Russian oil appropriation.

Since its debut on February 24, the European Union has raised 1.5 billion euros (plus 1.58 billion dollars) in military aid to Ukraine and mobilized more than 4 billion Euros of financial assistance, humanitarian aid and money to the one receiving the Ukrainian refugees.

It also imposes five trains on sanctions against individuals, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, ministers and officials superior to the armed forces, even if they enter the country. luxury products and carbon importers, beyond the scope for Russian and Belarusian banks to use the international SWIFT payment system.

The sixth train of sanctions, proposed by the European Commission for the last semester, is currently the object of negotiations between the member states of the EU.

Out of the scope of imports of Russian oil, or suggested by the Sberbank exclusion of the SWIFT system, as well as the introduction of end gels and interdictions of more than one large number of persons, in the patriarchate of the Illglise orthodoxe russe Kirill.

The European Commission will present, in March, a plan to reduce dependence on the Russian energy shield and at least two imports of natural gas at the end of the year, accelerating the transition. verte versus renewable energies and guaranteeing the appropriation of fossil fuels above new partners, notably the United States and the Middle East.

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