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EntertainmentRidwan Kamil Becomes SM*SH Personnel at WJF 2023

Ridwan Kamil Becomes SM*SH Personnel at WJF 2023


In the composition of the West Java Festival (WJF) 2023 concert appearance, it says Secret Lineup. Since the doors of the Siliwangi Stadium opened this afternoon, the audience has been heard talking about it.

3 Dangerous Youths, Pas Band and musicians who continued to take turns entertaining Sunday (3/9/2023) residents of West Java. But the question of who the Secret Lineup is remains unanswered.

Until finally around 21.00 WIB, Governor Ridwan Kamil took the stage. Together with his many aides, Kang Emil distributed hats with the initials RK.

After that scene, Kang Emil gave a few words in the form of a clue as to who the secret performer was.

“In the morning, my wife always gives me to know. You know me so well,” said Kang Emil.

As a result of one sentence which was a fragment of SM*SH’s hit song, the audience screamed wildly. And it’s true, Bhisma and his friends took the stage, singing their hit I Heart U.

Side by side with Ridwan Kami, they were having fun on stage. Making the audience who had been sitting earlier, immediately stand up and sing.

Finally, the curiosity of the WJF 2023 audience has been answered. SM*SH kicked off providing freshness.

On the same occasion, Kang Emil also invited the Sundanese Artists & Artists Association (GASS). The collective group led by Armand Maulana explained its aims and objectives and opened donations.

In just approximately 1 minute from the stage with the help of QRIS on the LED screen, GASS managed to collect donations of approximately IDR 120 million.

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