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WorldRomance blossoms in Zacatecas

Romance blossoms in Zacatecas

Cupid works all year round and does not need it to be February for his arrows to be accurate and reach the heart. And if there is a destination where your aim never fails, it is Zacatecas, one of the most beautiful and passionate corners of our country.

The city with a mining soul and a quarry face is currently enjoying its National Fair, an event with fun that always catches the attention of the traveler. But whether you travel now or later you will always find something to captivate your senses.

That is why we present some options to light the flame of love in Zacatecas. Whether your relationship is just in its infancy, is about to walk down the aisle, or is thinking about having fun as a family. It will always be a perfect option to enjoy.

High courtship

Courtship is that stage where we want to surprise our partner with some special activity. And what is more special than a ride on a cable car?

In zacatecas you can enjoy a tour of the cable car, which will take you from the city to the heights of Cerro de la Bufa. The view at the top is sublime, plus you can tour a space full of history and, of course, take a souvenir photo flanked by the monumental statues of the revolutionaries Pancho Villa, Pánfilo Natera and Felipe Ángeles.

Round trip costs $160 for adults and $80 for children. The cabins were recently remodeled, they are very safe and there is even one with a glass floor. Safety pin

Zacatecas Cable Car. An experience worth experiencing on every visit to this city. COURTESY/Tourism Zacatecas

the perfect wedding

Getting married in Zacatecas means doing it close to the sky (starting with the height of its capital: 2,470 meters above sea level), but if there is a space that caresses the divine, it is Quinta Real Zacatecas, a hotel whose construction partially used the San Pedro bullring (19th century).

The result provides an unusual architecture that is in high demand for weddings (the photos look spectacular). The venue offers services for events of 150 to 200 people, which fit the budget (you can check them at

For those looking for an option for a religious wedding, the cathedral basilica of zacatecas It is one of the most sought after in the country for its majestic cover and beautiful main altarpiece, work of the legendary Mexican artist Javier Marín.

family adventure

Whether you travel with children or with a group of friends, Zacatecas is a highly enjoyable city. Recommendation PASSPORT? Take a walk through the Rosales portal, which is named after the military man Víctor Rosales, we are sorry, there are no roses here, but what you will find are snack stands to indulge yourself with the Zacatecan flavor.

Another must-see is the Trinidad García de la Cadena mall, surrounded by cafes and restaurants, as well as being perfect for going out and stretching your legs in the morning.

adventure time

From September 1 to 17 it is celebrated in the Multiforum of Zacatecas and the Palenque of the city the activities of the National Fair of zacatecas (fenaza). You can see the complete activities at

The authorities of the neighboring state promise that there will be a deep security operation so that visitors can be sure that they will be able to reach the capital without problems. In any case, the recommendation is to take the highway in the morning, check the conditions of the road and be attentive to the warnings that the authorities issue prior to your departure.

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