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Royaume Uni: The Church of England criticizes the government project to transfer the refugees to Rwanda

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Last year he was annulled by the size of Pacific, the head of the Church of England criticizing the political’s immigration policy of the British government.

Canterbury Archivist Justin Welby, having received “serious ethical questions” about the transfer of refugees and asylum seekers to Rwanda, declaring the idea to be contrary to certain values, due to limited quantities legal of the project.

“The details are for politics and politicians. The principle must be resisted by the government of Dieu, and not by the project itself,” Welby said at Canterbury Cathedral, in the court of England. .

“It’s not possible to carry out the national liability policy of not paying in the form of Christian values; God, who at once deprives us of the responsibility of our students “, at the added time.

The archive expresses its preoccupations with the extent of the crisis seen by the millions of families passing through Royaume-Uni, which is described as “revealing in the skin” after two years of national configuration and insulated ignition by the coronavirus pandemic.

He also appealed to a cesarean section in Ukraine, ousting the Russian government to retire and engaging in pawn affairs with the Ukrainian government to avoid the death of innocent new civilians.

“Whatever happens at the moment of a Russian cesarean-fire, retreat and engagement in the parolers. fer et le sang. Que syient bannies les ténèbres de la guerre “, a déclaré l’archevêque.

York’s archivist Stephen Cottrell echoed Justin Welby’s proposal, declaring that as a nation, “we can do more than the Rwanda project.”

And it: “It is essentially desperate and desolating this semantics that the asylum seekers focus on the war, the famine and the pressure from the extremely disturbed regions of the world not being treated with dignity and compression alone “Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each State. Rwanda.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that Jews seeking asylum seekers and refugees have been sent to Rwanda to send their dossiers, in an effort to retaliate, accordingly. control of British frontiers and fines within illegal traffic of persons crossing the Manche.

Boris Johnson’s new project has been criticized for its cruelty and inhuman character. The leaders of the main opposition party, the working party, as well as the Liberal Democrats and the national party are all out there. The government pours out the object of legal proceedings and is confronted with a refusal of part of the functions of the interior minister who has reserves on the project.

Homé’s defense organizations, including the United Nations Agency for Refugees, Amnesty International UK and Refugee Action, have been denouncing the government for threatening the lives of vulnerable and vulnerable individuals. in a reputable paycheck for violations of human rights.

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