Thursday, 21 September 2023
WorldRubiales' mother, urgently hospitalized after suffering a nervous breakdown

Rubiales’ mother, urgently hospitalized after suffering a nervous breakdown

Luis Rubiales’ mother, Ángeles Béjar, has been urgently hospitalized after more than two days locked up and on a hunger strike to protest her son’s situation. The reason was a “nervous crisis that has worsened.”

This has been confirmed by the parish priest of the Divina Pastora church in Motril (Granada) where Mrs. Béjar was on strike, and has been transferred to the Santa Ana Hospital in the town.

“He was very bad, anguish, dizziness… he said he was noticing something strange, a throbbing,” explained Father Antonio, who also confessed that the worsening took place moments before the press conference that the mother had called around from 18:00.

The priest, despite “not being a spokesperson for anyone”, which is why he has asked the journalists who went to the temple to respect him, has stated that once he recovers, the mother will not resume the hunger strike or her confinement. “She is an older lady,” he added, alluding to her various health problems.

The day before, Mrs. Béjar herself issued a few words to the media, once again asking Jenni Hermoso “to tell the truth” and assuring that Rubiales himself had asked her to stop her confinement and her hunger strike, something to which she she refused. “Until the body holds out,” she stated in her brief intervention from inside the temple.

Both she and other relatives of the now former president of the RFEF have put pressure on the soccer player in recent days, denouncing the “different versions” offered by her about the kiss at the World Cup awards ceremony.

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