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SportsRugby World Cup 2023: what will change during the anthems

Rugby World Cup 2023: what will change during the anthems

16:10 – France faced Uruguay twice!

France and Uruguay have already faced each other twice in history, in 1960 and 1985 during tours of the XVdeFrance in South America. The Blues won 61-0 at the Carrasco Polo Club in 1960, and 34-5 in 1985 at the Estadio Charrua in Montevideo.

16:02 – A reworked Marseillaise

Raphaël Ibanez, this Wednesday, on the eve of the match against Uruguay, in Lille confirmed that the Marseillaise was going to be different. “We have already validated a recorded version while preserving the children’s voices, which is what agreed, indicated the manager of the Blues. World Rugby must give options and we have retained this one.”

15:47 – Pierre Bourgarit: “The Uruguayans will be keen to do well”

Pierre Bourgarit will start this Thursday against Uruguay. At a press conference, the player explained that they should not be looked down upon. “We approach it like the New Zealand match (27-13). The gap between the two teams is there on paper, it is present but the Uruguayans will be keen to do well and show a beautiful image. We would have too much to lose by taking them too high”

15:12 – Committee condemns sexual assault

If the World Cup committee explains that the alleged rape did not take place during a match, they obviously condemn the sad event. “We deplore this event, which according to our information did not take place in a stadium but in the city of Bordeaux. We are very sensitive to the subject of sexual or sexist attacks which could occur in stadiums.”

14:49 – New concern for Danty?

Injured since the last match against Australia, Jonathan Danty had to have his thigh massaged during the captain’s run, the last training session before tomorrow’s match.

2:20 p.m. – Tom Curry takes two-match suspension

England player Tom Curry accepted the red card and was suspended for two matches (subject to completing the tackling training programme). After taking into account the mitigating circumstances, including the immediate recognition of the fault and the sanction, the player’s exemplary disciplinary record, his apology and his good conduct, it applied the maximum reduction of 50% to the sanction.

1:20 p.m. – The All Blacks have fun cycling in Lyon

Surprising and funny images. The inhabitants of Lyon may have been surprised to see the All Blacks with self-service bicycles, trying to climb the Fourvière hill.

13:14 – The committee apologizes.. For the beers!

“With the temperatures, the fans consumed even more than usual, the records were largely broken,” explained France 2023 CEO Julien Collette during a press briefing. “The previous record for a Top 14 final was 50,000 cups of beer consumed, we reached 80,000 cups consumed in Marseille this weekend (during the Argentina-England match),” he continued.

12:31 – Strong words from Patrice Lagisquet

“We are not fans, we are competitors. If we came to the World Cup, it is to represent a country, to fight for our country and today, being fans of others, we do not will not succeed” launched the French technician, coach of Portugal for this World Cup which launches its competition against Wales.

11:47 – Dean Fourie, 37, to debut as hooker

This week, Dean Fourie will play for the Springboks for the first time at hooker. “In 2014, when I arrived in France, I came to play hooker. The first year I played heel, the second year I was flanker, the third year I was back to hooker, then back to flanker, so I’ve been switching between the two quite a bit, so I haven’t always done the specific training for hookers, but I hope it’s a bit like cycling. “

11:43 – The end of canon confirmed

It’s official, Jacques Rivoal explained that the canons during the anthems will be removed and that a new version with the voices of the children will be broadcast. “These anthems surprised, even destabilized, traditional fans accustomed to different versions. We are attentive to this negative feedback. In order to appease this subject, which is a very sensitive subject, we are in the process of finalizing versions reworked, simplified, while preserving the children’s voices. These versions will no longer have canonical passages, which destabilized listeners.”

11:00 – Andrés Vilaseca happy to do this World Cup in France

“I am happy to participate in a World Cup, especially since it is happening in France, a country which experiences rugby in a very special way. We see these stadiums, the public, the atmosphere that we find at each match. I really want to enjoy it. The goal is to enjoy everything: every match, every training session. I really feel good about this group and it gives me peace of mind.” explained the Uruguay captain at a press conference.

09:44 – Uruguay lineup

Here is the composition of the Uruguay team for the match against the XV of France this Thursday: Amaya, Basso, Inciarte, Vilaseca (cap.), Freitas – (o) Etcheverry, (m) Arata – Civetta, Diana, Ardao – Leindekar, Aliaga – Peculo, Pujadas, Sanguinetti. Substitutes: Gattas, Benitez, Piussi, Dotti, Bianchi, Deus, Ormaechea, Berchesi.

08:51 – The choir still present but without the cannon?

At the end of a consultation between all the countries, the children’s choir will still be maintained during the anthems, but the cannon, problematic in a stadium, will be stopped. According to information from BFMTV, all the first countries contacted chose to use anthems completely reworked by the melee of choirs (the children’s choir) including France. The International Federation also announced that it wanted to let each federation choose the anthem it would like to hear played before each meeting between the (modified) version sung by the children or a return to the “classic” anthem.

12/09/23 – 23:47 – The composition of the Uruguay team revealed

END OF LIVE – The composition of the Uruguay team which will face the XV of France this Thursday is now known, as reported RMC Sport. There she is :

1. Amaya / 2. Basso / 3. Inciarte / 4. Vilaseca (captain) / 5. Freitas / 6. Etcheverry / 7. Arata / 8. Civetta / 9. Diana / 10. Ardao / 11. Leindekar / 12. Aliaga / 13. Peculo / 14. Pujadas / 15. Sanguinetti


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