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WorldRussia: NATO vehicles carrying weapons to Ukraine are our legitimate target

Russia: NATO vehicles carrying weapons to Ukraine are our legitimate target

In his speech at the meeting with ministry officials, Shoigu stated that the Russian army expanded the area under its control in the Donbass with the troops of the so-called Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics in the offensive in Ukraine.

Stating that Russian soldiers took comprehensive measures to protect civilians, Shoigu stated that a temporary ceasefire was established in the conflict areas and humanitarian corridors were opened every day for the safe evacuation of civilians.

Stating that the city of Mariupol is under the control of the Russian army, Shoigu said that the return to normal life in the city has begun.

“The forces in Azovstal ignored the offer to disarm”

Noting that the Ukrainian forces at the Azovstal Metallurgical Plant site are under siege, Shoigu said, “Repeated offers to the nationalists to release the civilians and lay down their arms, with the guarantee of protecting their lives and being treated in accordance with the norms of international law, were ignored by them. We continue our attempts.” he said.

“US and NATO allies continue arms shipments to Ukraine”

Speaking about the NATO vehicles loaded with weapons coming to Ukraine, Shoigu said, “The USA and NATO allies continue to ship weapons to Ukraine. Any transport vehicle of the North Atlantic Alliance that comes to the country’s territory with weapons or materials for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is ours. is a legitimate target for destruction by us.” said.

11 thousand soldiers will take part in the ceremony in Red Square on May 9

Providing information on the 9 May Victory Day parade to be held in the Red Square in Moscow, the capital of Russia, Minister Shoigu stated that 11 thousand soldiers, 131 types of weapons and military technical vehicles, 77 aircraft and helicopters will participate in the ceremony.

Noting that the students of the Murmansk branch of the Nahimov Naval Military School will participate in the parade for the first time at the ceremony, Shoigu stated that the Tornado-G 122 millimeter multi-barreled rocket launcher equipped with the army’s automatic guidance and fire control system will also take part in the ceremony for the first time.

Sharing the information that a parade will be held in 28 cities of Russia on the occasion of the 9 May Victory Day, Shoygu stated that a total of 65 thousand people, 2 thousand 400 types of weapons and military technical vehicles, 460 aircraft and helicopters will take part in these ceremonies.

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