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WorldRussia Plans to Require Pledge of 'Loyalty' for Foreigners Entering the Country

Russia Plans to Require Pledge of ‘Loyalty’ for Foreigners Entering the Country


Every foreign national (WNA) entering Russian territory will likely be asked to sign a ‘loyalty agreement’ upon arrival in the country. In the agreement, every foreigner must promise not to criticize Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

The new rules governing ‘loyalty agreements’ are being further prepared by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. That’s as reported AFP, Wednesday (29/11/2023).

Russia is carrying out an unprecedented crackdown on any dissent on its territory. The move is being stepped up ahead of elections in 2024, which could extend President Vladimir Putin’s rule until at least 2030.



Moscow’s latest move, according to news agency reports TASSwill require every foreigner to comply with strict laws prohibiting criticism of the Russia-instigated war in Ukraine, and to refrain from making positive statements about the LGBTQ community.

TASSciting a draft document, reported that each foreigner would ‘agree, by entering Russian territory, to comply with the restrictions established with the aim of protecting Russia’s national interests’.

That person, according to reports TASSwould agree not to ‘discredit, in any form, the foreign and domestic policies of the Russian Federation’.

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