Thursday, 26 May 2022
WorldRussian Inter RAO stops electricity shipments to Finland

Russian Inter RAO stops electricity shipments to Finland

Inter RAOIn a written statement made by RAO Nordic Oy, the Finnish subsidiary of , the company imported electricity from Russia. FinlandIt was stated that he provided

Pointing out that the company has not received payment for its electricity deliveries since May 6, it was emphasized that this was the first time in the company’s 20-year commercial history.

In the statement, which included the information that the company could not supply electricity from Russia due to non-payments, “Therefore, we have to stop electricity imports from Russia as of 14 May. We hope that the situation will improve soon and electricity trade with Russia will resume.” statements were included.

Finland’s electricity distribution company Fingrid, in a statement on the subject, said that instead of Russia, Sweden electricityIt was stated that it will be imported and there will be no problems with electricity supply in the country.

Finland imported about 10 percent of the electricity it consumed from Russia.

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