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WorldRussian soldier rescues Ukrainian paratroopers

Russian soldier rescues Ukrainian paratroopers

A Russian soldier helped the Ukrainian Intelligence Directorate (HUR) carry out the special operation Prapor (Bandera) to extract two Ukrainian paratroopers from the territory temporarily occupied by Russia within the framework of the war unleashed in the country by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, in February 2022.

Last summer, the Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Navy received information about two Ukrainian paratroopers – born in 1993 and 1997 – who were seriously injured at the beginning of the large-scale Russian invasion and ended up in the occupied territory, in a city from the Lugansk region, where they were treated, according to the media Kyiv Post.

Finally, on September 28, 2023, the paratroopers were successfully evacuated to Ukrainian-controlled territory. HUR representative Andriy Yusov revealed last week during a press conference that in this special operation a member of the Russian army became a key participant.

Now this person is a pro-Ukrainian fighter of the Russian Freedom Legion. Yusov has stated that it took two months to organize the operation at various levels, and the rest was dedicated to ensuring the safety of all participants.

The Russian soldier deserted and hijacked a car in which they all managed to cross together up to 18 checkpoints disguised in Russian army uniforms. The HUR has not been able to reveal this information so far for security reasons.

In addition, they have also now said that the Russian soldier’s family is in an area controlled by Ukraine. Meanwhile, Ukrainian paratroopers, “Chopa” and “Malyi”, continue to serve in the Air Assault Forces.

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