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Samuel García and Luis Donaldo Colosio clash over alliance with the Broad Front

MONTERREY, NL (apro).- Movimiento Ciudadano in Nuevo León came into conflict when its main figures in the state clashed, the governor Samuel García and the regional mayor Luis Donaldo Colosio, for a possible alliance with the Broad Front for Mexico, made up of PRI, PAN and PRD.

On the one hand, the royal mayor and his secretary of the City Council, Agustín Basave Alanís, spoke between Sunday and Monday on the need for MC to consider a broad opposition society together with the three parties, in order to defeat Morena, the party of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

However, this afternoon, the Nuevo Leon president, in agreement with the national leader Dante Delgado, once again spoke out against joining the PRI and the PAN, parties that, he has permanently pointed out, hurt Mexico.

The disagreements between the Emecista leaders in Nuevo León further deepen the crisis in the party, after, in recent days, the orange governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, separated from the party due to differences with Delgado Rannauro.

The Nuevo León native wrote after noon, in a series of tweets on his @samuel_garcias account, in which he reiterated his rejection of the Frente parties: “It is very clear: with PRIAN not even in the corner. Those of old politics are desperate because today the Citizen Movement is the second political force in the country and the only one with an alternative for the future.

“We will not be part of an alliance that represents the past and is doomed to fail once again. We have knocked down that story that the Citizen Movement cannot win without an alliance, time and time again, and in 2024 we are going to prove it again.”

His statement seemed like a response to his Monterrey party colleagues, who said they were in favor of the Alliance.

On Sunday night, Basave Alanís said that, to defeat the Fourth Transformation of Morena, MC must consider joining with the PAN member Xóchitl Gálvez, already anointed by the FAM.

“I advance my proposal: that at the right time an agreement be built between the Broad Front for Mexico and the Citizen Movement, so that surveys are carried out, before the date of the election, and that the opposition candidate who is below in the intention of the vote, he commits to decline in favor of whoever takes the lead,” he said.

This Monday morning, at the University of Monterrey (UDEM), Colosio Riojas said that he declined his presidential aspiration, because he recognized immaturity, and pointed out that it was necessary to create a great opposition front to defeat the candidate presented by Morena in the elections of the 2024.

“I would not want to be the one who divides an opposition that has genuine intentions of recalibrating the course of Mexico. I am not going to enter into these inconsistent fights, ”he said when pointing out the benefits of considering a great union of political institutes, to aspire to victory next year.

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