Friday, 20 May 2022
SportsSanti Mina: Spanish striker sentenced to prison for sexual abuse

Santi Mina: Spanish striker sentenced to prison for sexual abuse

the spanish striker Santi Mina26, was sentenced Wednesday to four years in prison after being found guilty of sexual abuse.

The footballer of Celta Vigo you will have to go to jail if your appeal is unsuccessful.

The Spanish court also imposed a ban on Mina from coming closer than 500 meters or having any kind of contact with the victim for the next 12 years. Besides, He will have to pay compensation of 50,000 euros ($52,600) for moral damages.

Mina was acquitted of the charge of sexual assaultassociated with the use of violence against the victim.

The Celtic said that had removed the player from the squad preventively until the appeal process is complete. He also opened a disciplinary file to determine the options that the club could take.

The prosecution requested eight years in prison for Mina, while the victim’s lawyers requested nine and a half years.

David Goldar, who played for Ibiza, a lower-tier club, was found not guilty on the charge of complicity. The prosecution attorney was asking for four and a half years for him.

Mina and Goldar said that the woman had agreed to have sexual intercourse.

She accused Mina of raping her in a caravan in 2017, which she had gone to with Goldar. The victim’s attorney said Goldar did nothing to stop Mina from raping her.

Mina played for him Valencia at that time. In 2019 he returned to Vigo, to his childhood club.

The decision of the Spanish court could be appealed before the Spanish Supreme Court.




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