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Sarwendah’s anger summons a summons to spread slander regarding the relationship between herself and Betrand Peto


After years of harboring resentment towards netizens spreading slander about him and Betrand Peto, Ruben Onsu’s wife finally sent an open summons. He reported several social media accounts that were suspected of spreading slander about him and Betrand Peto.

Together with her legal team, the mother of three children finally sent a summons to a number of accounts that had slandered her. He wants the accounts to be clarified within 3 x 24 hours.

Sarwendah admitted that he was really angry with the behavior of the slander spreader. He felt disturbed.



“Because this problem has been going on for a long time and finally I have the courage to take firm action. Why be firm? Because this news has been going on for too long and has really bothered me and disturbed my children,” said Sarwendah at a press conference in the Kedoya area, West Jakarta on Wednesday (15/5/2024).

The former member of Cherrybelle also emphasized that so far he has not differentiated in his love for all of his children.

“If good intentions and writing like that are still framed, slandered by people, we will definitely be sad and disappointed. Now I hand it over to my attorney and thank you all, I hope the news reaches its intended purpose, no one is cut, no one is pushed into a corner. I hope everything is good -It’s fine,” explained Sarwendah.

So far, he has read various oblique comments from himself and Betrand Peto. He also has to take care of his children’s mental health.

“Everything that was conveyed was slander. It really has to be resolved properly so that in the future it won’t disturb my children’s psychology or mentality,” he explained.

Now the case has been handed over to his legal team. Sarwendah’s lawyer, Abraham Simon, read out the open summons. The subpoena was sent by five TikTok accounts as follows:

“The open subpoena acts for and on behalf of our client Sarwendah, we hereby submit an open subpoena as a follow-up to allegations of information or electronic information that attacks the honor or damages our client’s good name and self-esteem in the form of images or writings that are alleged or slanderous to the client with the intention of becoming public knowledge and causing harm to our clients who are suspected of being owners of TikTok accounts including 1. cancer @andai05065, 2. sukabakso @_ayya04, 3. jayamulya@kobil dan, 4. fullcekbio,, 5. J2_p @ J2_hps,” said Abraham Simon reading the subpoena.

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