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Scholz and Macron are united: it is necessary to achieve a ceasefire in Ukraine

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron said that in order to establish peace between Russia and Ukraine, a ceasefire must first be achieved between the two countries.

Scholz welcomed re-elected French President Macron with a military ceremony in the country’s capital, Berlin. Then the leaders of the two countries held a joint press conference.

Noting that quick decisions are needed to end the war in Ukraine, Scholz said: “Our demand is that negotiations resume, that negotiations between Russia and Ukraine be more concrete and that agreements be reached quickly.”

Stating that tensions between the two countries must be reduced, Scholz said: “It is important that we take decisive steps to end the war now. The demands are clear. The war must end, a ceasefire must be established, Russia must withdraw its troops,” he said.

– We want a ceasefire

French President Macron noted that he did not see a signal for de-escalation in today’s speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We want a ceasefire as soon as possible,” he said.

Macron stressed that without this, the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, which began in different formats, cannot be continued.

Noting that these negotiations are important for establishing peace, Macron said: “Europe will play a dual role, one of which is the guarantee of security, and the other is the restoration of Ukraine.”

Macron stressed that France fully supports Ukraine, stressing that our position is in favor of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. No more, no less.

The French president added that the level of self-defense of the European Union (EU) should be raised and Europe’s dependence on fossil fuels from Russia should be limited.

– New EU political format

Macron proposed a new format to speed up cooperation with Ukraine and other countries outside the EU.

“Ukraine is very close geographically and shares values. They are fighting for the values ​​of the EU. That is why it is now necessary to create a new political format,” Macron said.

He noted that there are countries that have not yet met EU norms, but are ready to join the EU. This must be done if a “European political community” is formed.

Macron noted that the United Kingdom, which left the EU, could also take part in this format.

German Chancellor Scholz called Macron’s proposal “interesting”.

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