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WorldSecurity camera betrayed the thief who used to steal a bike

Security camera betrayed the thief who used to steal a bike

According to the information obtained by the AA correspondent, a citizen who applied to the Mamak Akdere Martyr Celal Sönmez Police Station Headquarters reported that his bicycle, which he left in the stairwell, was stolen.

The teams that took action examined the security camera records of the building on Güllüce Street in Şehit Cengiz Topel Mahallesi, where the theft took place.

In the footage, it was determined that the male suspect in his 30s, wearing a black surgical mask, wearing a brown coat, blue jeans and gray sneakers, took the bike.

Investigating whether there are similar cases across Ankara, the teams found out that a suspect with the same physical characteristics was caught on the grounds that he stole a bicycle at two points in Keçiören.

The teams that identified the identity of the person who stole in Keçiören after Mamak, Ali Ş. detected that.

Ali Ş, who was released on the condition of judicial control by the criminal judgeship of peace for the cases in Keçiören, was detained two days later due to the theft in Mamak.

In his statement, the suspect, who said that he stopped by a friend on the date of the incident and entered the apartment he passed while he was returning home, thinking that there might be a bicycle, said that he fled the scene by taking the bicycle on the ground floor.

Stating that he sold the bike, which was valued at 2 thousand 500 liras, to a person he met in front of Ankara Numune Hospital for 200 liras, Ali Ş expressed that he regretted what he had done.

Ali Ş was arrested on the charge of “theft” by the criminal judgeship of peace, to which he was transferred after the prosecution.

According to the security camera records that entered the investigation file as evidence, the suspect, who came to the entrance door after passing the garden part of the apartment, enters after lingering here for a while. The suspect, who went down to the ground floor, gets out of the building by getting off the elevator with a red bicycle after a while and gets away from the scene with the bicycle he is riding.

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