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WorldSenegal: Macky Sall recounts FAO Director-General

Senegal: Macky Sall recounts FAO Director-General

AA / Dakar / Alioune Ndiaye

The Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Qu Dongyu, was speaking at the Presidential Palace, Macky Sall, announcing the announcement of institution onusienne.

The bilateral reunion has been consolidated into cooperation between FAO and Senegal and between the African Union and the African Union, of which Sall is the current president.

«Ils were discussing mutual ambitions for shooting parts of science, innovation, information, communication, technology and partnerships to transform Senegal’s agricultural sector, to improve nutrition and means of subsistence “, indicated by communication from the FAO office in Senegal.

Dongyu et Sall ont, according to the document, discuss the lack of access to food suppliers in Africa, where a billion people are currently waiting for food to be consumed.

“A better nutrition is one of the four strategic frameworks of FAO 2022-2031, with a better production, better environment and a better life for all, without a single person”, insisted on this communication .

“At the same time, the African Union declared 2022, following the implementation of the resilience of food resource on the African continent: accelerating human and social development and human capital,” the document added.

The two conductors make it convenient that the transformation of agri-food systems is an urgent priority to stimulate nutrition in Africa, to improve production and increase resilience, depending on the source.

This visit is all the premiere of Qu Dongyu in Africa since it was cut off from operation by the FAO in August 2019, after the communication.

The FAO Director-General has arrived in Senegal for a visit to avoid participating in the 32nd FAO Regional Conference for Africa in Equatorial Guinea (April 11-14).

The reluctance to reconcile with the equatorial President, Theodore Obiang Nguema, on the sidelines of the Conference, the FAO Secretary-General sought to impose the importation of juvenile autonomy and the need for remediation ‘innovation and numbering of agri-food systems, reported on the site of the onusienne institution.

“The two conductors are part of the need to transform the African agri-food system for whatever is more efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable,” he added.

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