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WorldSenegal: the international agri-food and packaging fair opens its doors

Senegal: the international agri-food and packaging fair opens its doors

AA / Dakar

The international agri-food and packaging fair (SENEFOOD, SENPACK), and that of beauty, cosmetics and hygiene (BCH), simultaneously opened their doors on Thursday in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. .

The opening of the double event was chaired by Aminata Assome Diatta, Senegalese Minister of Trade, and Muhammad Ali Kalkan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hage Fair Group Companies, also organizer of the fair.

The Minister visited the stands at the exhibition center and chatted with the participants.

70 companies, including 31 Turkish, are taking part in the event, according to Muhammad Ali Kalkan, organizer of fairs in Senegal for many years.

He pointed out that Senegal is full of opportunities in terms of investments in the food, packaging, hygiene, cosmetics and beauty sectors.

“I advise both exporters and our Turkish producers to explore the whole African market, especially Senegal. There is a lot of work for everyone here. It is completely in favor of Turkey. This is a market where they are not going to be disappointed,” he said.

He asserted that Senegal is the commercial hub of his sub-region, adding that the Senegalese market is growing rapidly and consumer habits are changing, as is the supply chain.

Seynabou Diop, a player in the chocolate sector, said he was satisfied with the interest shown in his stand on the first day.

“France and Belgium dominate the chocolate sector in Senegal, but I’m sure Senegalese people will also like Turkish chocolates very much,” he said.

Murat Senol, head of Elit chocolate exports, said his structure already exports to countries such as Libya, Algeria and Egypt in Africa.

The 98-year-old company now wants to enter sub-Saharan Africa. The latter has conducted various negotiations with the largest grocery chains in Senegal, assured Murat Senol.

Sinan Eraslan, export manager of personal care and cosmetics company Procsin is attending the show for the first time in Senegal. He wants to introduce Procsin to the African continent.

The company is currently established in Mauritania and plans to expand further into the African market, particularly in Senegal, in the near future, Sinan Eraslan said.

The international food and packaging exhibition will close its doors on May 14.

* Translated from Turkish by Alex Sinhan Bogmis

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