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Senior EU diplomats arrested in Germany after restarting talks with Iran over nuclear deal

The high diplomat of the European Union Enrique Mora was briefly detained by the German Police, This Friday, May 13at Frankfurt Airport, on his way back from Tehran, after taking part in the new round of talks on the nuclear deal with Iran.

The EU’s chief negotiator and deputy secretary general of the bloc’s diplomatic service had posted on Twitter that he had been held by German security forces on his way back to Brussels, Belgium.

Mora announced shortly after that he had been released, but the authorities refused to give him any explanation.

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The EU ambassador to the UN representation in Vienna and the head of the EU diplomatic service’s Iran working group were also individually detained, Mora added.

The official also pointed out that the action of the German police could have violated the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations that provides protection to diplomats.

German police confirmed the incident.

German Federal Police confirmed that three EU diplomats were detained and briefly checked at Frankfurt airport on Friday after their arrival from Tehran.

The measure was taken due to “non-personal” and “information technology-based” information on the Tehran-Frankfurt route, police spokesman Michael Kraft told Anadolu Agency, but gave no further details.

The spokesman only said that the diplomats were able to continue their journey after about 40 minutes.

Resumption of talks with Iran

The announcement came on the same day that the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, said that the nuclear talks in Vienna could continue after Mora’s “very fruitful” visit to Tehran that took place from Tuesday to Thursday.

“There is a prospect of reaching a final agreement” to restart nuclear talks with Iran and ensure full compliance with the treaty, Borrell told reporters ahead of a G7 foreign ministers meeting in Weissenhaus. , Germany.

He added that Mora’s trip “achieved better (results) than expected,” since “negotiations were stalled and have now been reopened.”

Mora traveled to Tehran on Tuesday to hold talks with Bagheri Kani, the Iranian deputy foreign minister and the country’s chief nuclear negotiator, as well as other officials linked to the resumption of negotiations between Iran and the countries party to the agreement.

EU diplomacy has made significant efforts to bring Iran and the US back to the negotiating table since the beginning of tensions between the Americans and the Persians.

Under the EU presidency, representatives from Iran, China, Russia, France, the UK and Germany have been in talks for months in Vienna, Austria, to ensure full compliance with the treaty and bring the US back to the deal.

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The Iran nuclear deal, officially calledwas signed in 2015 by the seven countries and the EU.

Under the deal, Tehran agreed to limit its nuclear activity to civilian purposes, and in exchange, world powers agreed to lift their economic sanctions against Iran.

During the tenure of former President Donald Trump, the United States unilaterally withdrew from the agreement in 2018 and reimposed sanctions on Iran, which caused this country to stop complying with the nuclear agreement.

*Ayhan Simsek and Aicha Sandoval Alaguna contributed to the writing of this note.

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