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September 15 in Guadalajara: Café Tacvba will be the star band at the Día del Grito concert

Within the framework of the celebration of the 213th anniversary of the Independence of Mexico, Café Tacvba will be the star group that will play in the traditional concert to be held in the Center of Guadalajara.

This was reported this Tuesday by the governor of Jalisco, who invited the Jalisco residents, as well as visitors and tourists who are in the cityto celebrate the Independence of Mexico and be part of the ceremony of the Cry of Independence to be held on the night of September 15 from 7:00 p.m. in the Historic Center of Guadalajara.

After the civic event, where the state president will remember the heroes who gave homeland and freedom to Jalisco and the country, and will recite the Arenga of September 16, the Mexican rock group Café Tacvba will perform, which will play in the Plaza de Liberation with free admission.

“The time has come to celebrate the pride of being Mexican, that is why I want to invite you to join us this September 15 in the center of Guadalajara, in the heart of the city to celebrate with their families the cry of Independence. The appointment is from seven in the afternoonDina Buendía will be with us with her mariachi, and after the Grito, Café Tacuba in Guadalajara, the great Rubén Albarrán who has been named one of the 50 most important rock singers in history, imagine just having this great Mexican group in our city”, said the state president through his social networks.

The celebration, this year, also commemorates the 200 years of Jalisco as a Free and Sovereign State, and of being the first Entity formed in the Mexican Republic after the struggle for Independence.

“It is going to be a great party, we are very excited. Jalisco has hope, it has energy, it has joy and Above all, he is deeply proud that we are Mexicans and that from Jalisco we are also building the future of Mexico.“added the governor. In the coming days, the State Executive announced, more details of the cultural, artistic and recreational activities that will take place in different parts of the State within the framework of national celebrations will be released.



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