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September 15 or 16 Which is a holiday and how much is paid to work it?

September has arrived and with it, the dates that every Mexican waits for to take a break or go on vacation, September 15 and 16. How should you already know this year there will be no bridge for Independence Day, since it falls on a Saturday.

However, among the workers, the doubt arises as to whether you rest or work and how much the payment for working on a holiday increases, We share the answer below.

What is the holiday, September 15 or 16?

Let’s start by saying that on the calendar, next September 15 is not established as an official holiday or holiday for Mexico so It is worked on a regular basis.

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On the other hand and in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Labor Law (LFT) September 16 is officially marked as a mandatory rest day. However, it is important to note that there are jobs in which, due to their line of work or profession, employees must comply with their work obligation.

In this case, you should know that according to what is established in the article 75 of the LFT, those workers who are obliged to provide their services to the company on official holidaysThey will have the right to be paid, regardless of the salary that corresponds to them for the mandatory rest, a double salary for the service rendered.”



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