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Sexual abuse of a minor inside the Vatican: priest Gabriele Martinelli receives historic sentence

ROME (EUROPA PRESS). – The Vatican Court of Appeals sentenced priest Gabriele Martinelli, 31, to two and a half years in prison and a thousand euros in fine for committing sexual abuse against a minor seminarian who resided with him at the Saint Pius X minor seminary. , located near Casa Santa Marta, where Pope Francis currently lives.

This is the first time that there has been a conviction for sexual abuse of a minor committed within the Vatican State.

According to ‘Il Corriere della Sera’, Martinelli was convicted of a series of abuses against another student at the St. Pius The altar boys of St. Peter’s Basilica reside while they consider whether to follow the priestly path.

Vatican justice ultimately convicted the young priest Martinelli, who was a seminarian when the alleged acts of sexual abuse occurred and who was ordained a priest in the diocese of Como (northern Italy) in 2017. The accusations against him were of rape and aggravated acts of lust.

Martinelli’s accusations of aggravated violence were dismissed in the first instance and second instance by Vatican judges due to lack of evidence. However, he has now been found guilty.

The training center where the events occurred functions as accommodation for young people who usually help at the masses of the Vatican priests and sometimes also at those celebrated by the Pope, which is why they are known as the Holy Father’s altar boys.

Vatican justice opened proceedings in 2017 after the publication of the book ‘Original Sin’ by Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi in which he denounces the abuses committed in that seminary between 2011-2012. Both this Italian journalist and Emiliano Fitipaldi were acquitted of the crime of leaking confidential documentation of the Holy See in a trial in which the Vatican Court confirmed their lack of legal competence to prosecute them.

In the book ‘Original Sin’, Nuzzi reproduced the complaints of the young Polish man Kamil Tadeusz Jarzembowski about what happened in this seminary and revealed “abuse in his room of another seminarian” that occurred “more than 140 times” by a pupil of the rector “who was older than him and who later became a priest” in relation to the priest Martinelli.

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