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WorldShooting in Jerusalem Kills 3 People, Wounds 16 Others

Shooting in Jerusalem Kills 3 People, Wounds 16 Others


The fatal shooting occurred at a bus stop at the entrance to Jerusalem during the morning rush hour on Thursday (30/11) local time. At least three people were killed and around 16 others were injured, with two of the shooters being neutralized by Israeli security forces.

As reported Al Arabiya And Al Jazeera, Thursday (30/11/2023), this shooting occurred near the western area of ​​Jerusalem, where there are no security checkpoints guarding the entrance to the city. Israeli police called the two shooters ‘terrorists’.

“Two terrorists arrived at the scene in a vehicle and armed with firearms, these terrorists opened fire on civilians at the bus terminal and were then neutralized by security forces and nearby civilians,” the Israeli Police said in a statement, as quoted Reuters.



Jerusalem District Police Commander, Doron Turgeman, told journalists at the location that the two perpetrators came from East Jerusalem. Turgeman also said that one of the perpetrators was armed with an M-16 rifle, while the other perpetrator used a handgun in the attack.

Police confirmed that the two suspects ‘involved in the shooting were successfully neutralized at the scene’. This statement indicates that the two perpetrators were shot dead at the scene by Israeli police.

According to the police, ammunition and other weapons were found in the perpetrator’s car.

A large number of ambulances and police gathered on the streets filled with commuters in the morning. Police said they were checking the area to ensure there were no other attackers.

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