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Slimane prepared a big surprise for Eurovision, his secret to winning the competition

Slimane will finally deliver his performance in the Eurovision 2024 final this Saturday evening, with the hope of bringing home the trophy. And for this, he has planned a sequence which should mark the jurors and the fans…

The grand final of Eurovision 2024 finally takes place this Saturday, May 11, in Malm√∂, Sweden. It is broadcast on France 2 from 9 p.m. And it is Slimane, the star revealed by The Voice and who has become essential in the landscape of French song, who has the difficult task of representing France in the competition. According to the singer’s first performances in rehearsal and on stage, he is preparing to deliver a performance which could well make an impression and propel him towards victory. For Eurovision, where, as we know, every detail counts, Slimane seems to have relied on an approach as singular as it is daring to captivate the public and the jurors.

During his semi-final performance on Thursday evening, Slimane, dressed all in white, opted for simplicity and emotional intensity. His song “Mon amour” was performed in a long sequence shot, captured by a single cameraman who followed closely, thus accentuating the intimacy of the performance and the artist’s connection with the viewers. The singer begins his piece lying on stage before getting up and heading towards his microphone, finally moving away from it and offering a powerful solo performance, without any other artifice.

The cameraman plays a crucial role in this minimalist and precise staging. Equipped with a steadicam, a device directly harnessed to the camera wearer, it will follow the singer’s movements with extraordinary precision, as shown in images shared on social networks, adding a cinematic dimension to the performance. This technical choice makes it possible to obtain fluid and dynamic images which accentuate each gesture of Slimane, particularly when he touches the camera lens, thus meaning that each viewer becomes his accomplice.

“I didn’t want big wide shots, fire or wind. I wanted to sing, to whisper in people’s ears,” Slimane explained to France Bleu, emphasizing his desire to create a moment of purity and personal exchange with the public, far from the flamboyant performances of his adversaries.

But the singer’s real secret weapon for Eurovision is undoubtedly the a cappella section that he decided to add at the end of the song. This part of the song, where he sings without musical accompaniment, is intended to be a magical moment, the ultimate moment of this almost intimate exchange with the audience. These few seconds could well be the element that will distinguish Slimane from his competitors. Especially since Slimane will move to penultimate position among the 26 candidates this Saturday evening. Enough to ensure a strong moment in the final of the competition.

The public’s reactions to Slimane’s performance have so far been very encouraging. On social networks, laudatory comments poured in from everywhere, highlighting the emotional intensity of Slimane’s interpretation. “The interpretation is absolutely sublime. What a voice! Superb staging. Can’t wait for Saturday!”, we could read or even “Winner Alert! It’s quite simply a winning performance. Thank you Slimane, thank you France”. In the press room too, the admiration was palpable, with the journalists clapping wildly at the end of the song. These reactions are a good indicator of Slimane’s potential at Eurovision.

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