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TechSo that RI's Internet speeds up to 100 Mbps, Bakti Prepares Palapa...

So that RI’s Internet speeds up to 100 Mbps, Bakti Prepares Palapa Ring Integration


Telecommunications and Information Accessibility Agency (Devotion) Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) is currently preparing an infrastructure project that will create Indonesian internet speed getting louder in the future.

Based on the Speedtest Global Index report released by Ookla, the average internet speed as of January 2024 for Indonesian mobile internet reached 25.37 Mbps and fixed broadband internet reached 29.43 Mbps.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Communication and Information (Minister of Communication and Information) Budi Arie Setiadi plans to increase Indonesia’s internet speed, especially fixed broadband, at a minimum 100 Mbps. This is so that Indonesian connections become more competitive, not only overseas but also in Southeast Asia.



“Palapa Ring Integration is very important because by targeting 100 Mbps fixed broadband, we have to carry out fiberization. Well, this fiberization is both terrestrial and SKKL (Sea Cable Communication System),” said Director of Bakti Kominfo Fadhilah Mathar at the Ministry of Communication and Information Building, Friday ( 8/3/2024).

For information, the government has previously held Palapa Ring, namely the construction of fiber optic cables, especially in underdeveloped, outermost and frontier areas (3T). The project carried out through Bakti Kominfo is divided into three packages, namely the West Package, Central Package and East Package.

The Palapa Ring, which was previously still separate, will be united through the project Palapa Ring Integration. The goal is one, regencies/cities throughout Indonesia are connected to a fiber optic network.

Bakti Kominfo plans to connect the Palapa Ring aka ‘Sky Toll Road’ with Palapa Integration. Photo: Screenshot

Bakti Kominfo plans the construction of the Palapa Ring Integration, namely the construction of a 12,083 km long backbone to increase the utility and resilience of the existing Palapa Ring, as well as becoming part of the backbone infrastructure connected to the international network.

The Palapa Ring Integration will stretch for 12,083 kilometers, consisting of 8,203 kilometers of land cables and 3,880 kilometers of sea cables.

“Now we are improving and evaluating the feasibility study of Palapa Ring Integration This. Why do we not repair it as before? because we hope that there will be efficiencies from the budget side as well as optimization from the technical side when we involve more parties,” he said.

For example, he gave an example, currently Bakti Kominfo is communicating again with cellular operators, then associations such as Apjatel and involving other telecommunications service providers so that all areas of Indonesia have internet access.

“And not only the fiberization roadmap, hopefully in the not too distant future the Minister will be able to convey several things regarding the digital infrastructure roadmap,” he concluded.

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