Thursday, 22 February 2024
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Social response to the ultra agenda: Argentina goes to the first general strike to stop Milei’s chainsaw

The far-right Javier Milei faces two milestones this week that could project or set a limit to his draconian project of an economy without state regulations. For this Wednesday, the union centers called for a general strike and demonstrations in the center of the main cities that promise to be massive. Simultaneously, the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies accelerates the pace to discuss the so-called “omnibus law”, which covers countless neoliberal reforms in all areas of public life.

The general strike will be a litmus test for Milei, but also for the Peronist opposition and the left. There is no history of a forceful measure of this type so soon after the beginning of a democratic Government, just 45 days since December 10, but there is also no record of a president who has applied a lightning blow to the income of the workers of this magnitude and has attempted to advance social, labor and political rights through a bill that requests the virtual supplanting of Congress for a period of one year.

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