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Social security deprives 800,000 French people of part of their allowance and this will last several months

Many French people find themselves wronged because of a hiccup which will take several months to be repaired.

This was the good news planned for the 1er last April. But some are still waiting for it. A lot, even. A month and a half ago, all social benefits were increased by 4.6%: RSA, APL, activity bonus, allowance for disabled adults and other allowances of all kinds were affected. An increase expected by beneficiaries in the face of the rising cost of living. If everything seemed to have gone smoothly with the amounts automatically increased, there was a hole in the racket. And not the least, since just over 800,000 French people are affected.

Like every month, on April 3 and May 3, a transfer appeared in the bank accounts, coming from the National Health Insurance Fund. The recipients ? French people receiving a disability pension. This concerns people working part-time or no longer working at all due to illness. To compensate for their decline or absence of professional activity, “Secu” pays them a monthly sum, on average 800 euros according to the latest public data. At 1er April, all amounts should have increased by 4.6%, thus saving on average 40 euros for people benefiting from the system. But it didn’t happen.

The Health Insurance services indicated to the specialized site handicap.fras well as Parisian, that the revaluation did not take place due to a computer problem… which has still not been resolved. And which will last for several more months! “[La] technical constraint [est] impossible to resolve quickly”, explains the Cnam, which announces that regularization will only take place during the payment in August, i.e. in three months.

Let the beneficiaries rest assured, they will not be harmed. In fact, “Secu” has promised to make up for its shortcomings. The transfer on August 2 will therefore be particularly high. For a person who receives 800 euros of disability pension today, the amount received will be 984 euros. This amount will include the basic pension increased by 4.6% (from 800 to 836.80 euros), as well as the additional 36.80 euros which were not paid in April, May, June and July.

Patience therefore for the 826,000 people who receive a disability pension. However, it is an essential source of income for 64% of them, i.e. the proportion of disabled people who are absolutely incapable of exercising any profession. Note, however, that this hiccup on disability pensions only concerns those paid by the CNAM and not those paid by complementary organizations.

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