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TechSoftware Engineer Salary: Highest Meta and Lowest Apple

Software Engineer Salary: Highest Meta and Lowest Apple


Google And Meta is a large technology company (Big Tech) that provides the highest salary for its software engineers.

This data comes from Blind, an anonymous forum for workers in the technology sector. These users from January 2022 to August 2023 were asked to record their salary and total compensation.

On the other hand, Apple and Microsoft are companies that provide the lowest average salaries for new engineers, although their total compensation is still relatively comparable to senior engineers in other technology companies.

Then there is also Amazon, which has been recorded as the longest in providing promotions for its engineers, as well as the widest salary range, quoted detikINET from The Verge, Tuesday (29/8/2023).

Actually, almost all of these big technology companies are listed as public companies. So they are required to report annual compensation for all employees, so that it can be compared with the compensation received by the CEO.

However, the data is not too detailed, especially for certain positions. That’s why the data from Blind is interesting. Oh yes, even though Blind is an anonymous forum, its users are required to verify their workplace using their official email address.

Software Engineer Salary Apple, Meta, Google, et al Photo: Doc. blinds

Some interesting facts from Blind’s report include:

  • Meta Engineers seem to have the fastest promotion times, and some of them get the highest salaries compared to other companies.
  • Microsoft has many levels of positions for software engineers, which allows them to be more flexible in giving promotions. However, the total compensation is lower than their counterparts, up to the level of software engineer staff.

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