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WorldSomalia: a firecracker between Mogadishu visor in the presidential election veil

Somalia: a firecracker between Mogadishu visor in the presidential election veil

AA / Mogadishu

The cover-up imposed by the Somali police in Mogadishu capital, at the same time, is in sight, in the veil of presidential election in the country.

The police portfolio, Abdifatah Adan Hassan, declared, while in a press conference, that the courier entered through all the squares of the Mogadishu capital, starting at 21:00 (18:00 GMT), and se poursuivra jusqu’au lundi matin.

It is explained that these measures “aim to ensure the winding of the presidential electoral process in the field, which is closed, dimensional”.

“Restrictions imposed on the circulation of vehicles, persons and two-wheelers from 14 May 2022, until 21:00”, added the password port of the police.

“Suspended, emergency cases of cytosens being considered for consideration during firefighting”, he said, without providing more detailed details.

The presidential election resulted in his debut in the Democratic Republic of Mogadishu, with 329 members of parliament (Assembly and Senate), leading the 10th president of Somalia, out of 39 female candidates. .

Somalis hope that the result of this choice of choice will improve their economic and security situation, which degrades by more than one, in the face of political divergences between the leaders of the countries and the international crises that reverberate on the situation .

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