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Spring, grill time

A barbecue begins long before putting the meat on the fire. Preparation, knowledge of the ingredients, order and attention are essential to turn this activity into a delicious experience, considers grill master Luis “El Pollo” Beas.

Good connoisseur of fire, smoke and meat juices, “The chicken” Beas He is also a Weber brand ambassador. “I am passionate about showing people how to prepare good roast beef and dispel myths around it.”

What color should the smoke that coal gives us be? Is the meat put directly on the fire on the side? How long? Should the grill be opened? These are common questions for both those new to the world of grilling and those who have had a good time in it.

With all the experience in the world, “El Pollo” Beas continues to learn, although he has some advice that must be strictly followed: “It is very important to know the equipment we are going to use, take all precautions before lighting the grill (use of gloves, apron, distance from the fire) and know the protein we are going to prepare, from its type (beef, pork, chicken, fish), until the thickness of it. “All of these factors count.”

Although red meats are usually the protagonists of this type of preparation, during Lent there is also a tasty variety of options, such as jalapenos stuffed with smoked marlin, shrimp with mezcal and cheese skewers, to mention the infinite number of options that the food of the sea ​​offers us this season.

With the imminent arrival of spring, we share with you some basic tips to enjoy a grill these days when the Sun invites you to enjoy weekends with family and outdoors.

Take advantage of technology

From thermometers, briquettes, ignition cubes to grills with modern ignition systems, through long-lasting coals that offer better heat. There are multiple technological advances, as mentioned by teacher Beas. “I will always recommend that we use technology and all the gadgets that make your life easier. “Someone has already invested in innovation and a lot of knowledge to leave it aside.”

More and more people are seeking to know how their kitchen equipment works best, as “Pollo” Beas explains. COURTESY

Know your protein

“El Pollo” Beas highlights the importance of observing the quality of the protein (which will help you determine softness, juiciness, texture and flavor). You should also know the supplier, the cold chain it had before purchasing it and very important: Know what type of cut it is and what degree of cooking is most appropriate for the meat you use.

The cooking points

Blue: When the outer layer is well cooked and the center is completely red.

English red: Sealed inside and with 75% color inside.

Half: Sealed inside and with 50% color inside.

Three quarters: Brown on the outside and little pink in the center.

Well cooked: Completely brown inside.


Buys. Department stores like Liverpool, Walmart, and Soriana sell some basic grill tools.

Specialization. If you want a specialized store and even courses to learn how to use the equipment, a recommended space is the Weber Original Store Providencia (Pablo Neruda 2690). In addition to selling supplies and equipment, it offers courses throughout the year (more information on @WeberProvidencia Facebook).

Free. Various parks in Guadalajara (such as the Metropolitan) have grills where you can display your barbecue knowledge, always with all precautionary measures.

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