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SportsStray bullet hits the UABC hall in Ensenada

Stray bullet hits the UABC hall in Ensenada

ENSENADA (apro).- A stray bullet, derived from an armed confrontation that occurred last Thursday on the highway at the road junction at the entrance to the port, hit a student room at the Punta Morro Unit of the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) Ensenada Campus.

Campus students alerted Process that the missile broke a window in the postgraduate area of ​​the Faculty of Sciences, next to a teachers’ cubicle, but the damage was not discovered until Friday, September 1.

“On Friday, at noon, they found a broken glass in that student room. The window faces right onto the street that leads to Punta Morro (restaurant). They found a bullet head, more or less complete, on the floor,” as detailed in the testimony collected.

They also shared a photograph in which yellow tapes can be seen outside the aforementioned room, in addition to the fact that the university authorities closed access to the area; today, on a tour, the bullet hole was still visible through the window.

According to the students’ own measurements, the bullet could have followed a trajectory of 160 or more than 300 meters from the road until hitting the building; The room is used for eating or resting.

“They haven’t said anything. It is one of the things that is common in the faculty: that they do not say anything,” said the source consulted, in addition to pointing out that the image of the tapes corresponded to Saturday, September 2.

According to official data and press reports, last Thursday, August 31, around 4:00 p.m., it was recorded that hitmen aboard a vehicle were chasing another driver along Fernando Consag Boulevard.

This boulevard connects with a road node in front of the university facilities, as well as offices and laboratories of the UNAM and the Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada (Cicese), making it a busy place to board public transportation. .

During the trip, the attackers shot several times, which caused a gray Volkswagen Jetta, with four doors and tinted windows, to have around 13 bullet holes between the trunk, roof and right rear side.

After losing control due to the attack, the Jetta ended up on the central ridge, while the driver, between 30 and 35 years of age, sustained injuries to his back and left arm.

During the day, it was also documented that two men had been arrested, for allegedly being involved in the attack against said driver.

“They fell to the floor”

According to testimonials, the shots were heard as far as the university facilities, which caused some people -from the buildings near the highway- to throw themselves to the ground.

Also that, at the time of the shooting, the parents and children who went to a soccer field to carry out training sessions, run by the UNAM and which also faces the boulevard, were frightened.

“What they say is that the gunshots were heard quite loudly in the college. One of the videos that circulated was taken deep inside (the university) and gunshots were heard. Those who were in the building where the bullet hit threw themselves to the ground,” according to the testimony collected by Proceso.

Regarding this fact, the Legal Department of the Punta Morro Unit of the UABC Campus Ensenada reserved to provide any statement, as they assured that the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) of Baja California “was only integrating the investigation folder.”

However, FGE personnel confirmed that the formal request was submitted by the university authorities until just today, so until this Tuesday they will go to carry out the respective procedures.

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