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WorldStriped vs. Tigres LIVE TODAY: Minute by minute of the Clausura...

Striped vs. Tigres LIVE TODAY: Minute by minute of the Clausura second leg

The Clásico Regio defines the semifinals of the Liga MX. The passion overflowing from the stands is never left out, the Tigres fans left everything in the drive for their team to win, however, the performance on the field was not enough for them to get up a second time against the adverse score.

Monterrey scored first, Sergio Canales celebrated in the 28th minute very much in the style of Cristiano Ronaldo: moving his hands as a sign of calm towards the rival stands; but Diego Lainez responded when Tigres needed it and tied the game shortly after the end of the first half, at 45+8′. The joy did not last because Maxi Meza He put the lead almost as soon as he left the locker room, at minute 48.

The Tigre coach, Robert Dante Siboldi, did not dwell on the defeat and was forceful in his intentions for the final duel: “We will go to your stadium to give everything“, to break the bank… and seek to get the result (…) The enthusiasm and confidence are intact.”

Liguilla LIVE TODAY: Rayados 1-1 Tigres (3-2 overall score)

22:54 |

73′ Tigres changes

Out: Diego Lainez and Rafael Carioca
Enter: Juan Pablo Vigón and Nico Ibañez

22:50 |

70′ Jordi Cortizo, a great boost for Rayados

Together with Canales and Berterame, he has led the offensive actions after the score.

22:39 |


After several attempts, the ball now goes to the bottom. Jordi Cortizo takes advantage of the rebound on the post after Canales’ shot and calms his team.

22:37 |

53′ Rayados threatens Tigre’s goal

Center from Canales, Romo heads and hits the post.

22:27 |

45′ Striped changes

Exit: Brandon Vázquez and Héctor Moreno
Enter: Jordi Cortizo and Edson Gutiérrez

22:26 |

45′ Actions restart!

Tigres has 45 minutes to surprise and advance.

22:05 |

45+6′ Boos for Rayados

The local fans claim the disadvantage against the staunch rival.

22:04 |

45+5′ Gignac shines… but they score out of place

The Frenchman is assisted by Brunetta, he hits a scissor that Andrada rejects. He laments but doesn’t count.

22:02 |

45′ There is time, there is time.

They add 6 minutes to the regular one.

22:00 |

43′ Near Rayados!

With a left foot shot that goes wide, Berterame threatens the goal defended by Carlos Felipe Rodríguez.

21:56 |

41′ Rayados wants to revive

Gerardo Arteaga dares to hit it from outside but it goes well over the goal.

21:48 |

33′ The game is ‘hot’!

Several fouls from both teams in a short time, center back Fernando Hernández follows the actions closely.

21:39 |


Brunetta-Lainez-Gignac, the Frenchman sends it to the far post and equalizes the aggregate. Rayados advances with the tie.

21:39 |

24′ Warning for Tigres

Héctor Moreno receives the yellow card for touching the ball with his hand.

21:38 |

23′ The match resumes

Gorriarán suffers pain in his knee after the blow

21:37 |

22′ “Accidental action,” says the referee

Rodríguez is saved from the cap by tackling Gorriarán.

21:36 |

21′ They review action of ‘Corcho’ Rodríguez due to possible red card

Fernando Hernández goes to the monitor.

21:35 |

19′ Warning for Tigres

Diego Lainez sees the yellow card for a foul on Berterame.

21:34 |

12′ Tigres stomps strong at the start

Brunetta’s shot stopped after Gignac’s assist.

21:26 |

9′ Rayados generates the first chance

Sergio Canales, scorer in the first leg, cannot make good contact in front of the frame.

21:23 |

1′ Guido Pizarro requests medical attention

The Tigres player complains of dizziness just at the start.

21:16 |

0′ The return of the Clásico Regio begins!

Tigres needs to win, in case of a tie, Rayados advances.

20:07 |

Tigers Lineup

Felipe Rodríguez; Javier Aquino, Guido Pizarro, Diego Reyes, Jesús Angulo; Rafael Carioca, Fernando Gorriarán; Ozziel Herrera, Diego Lainez, Juan Brunetta, André Pierre-Gignac.

20:04 |

Striped Alignment

Esteban Andrada; Stefan Medina, Víctor Guzmán, Héctor Moreno, Gerardo Arteaga; ‘Corcho’ Rodríguez, Luis Romo; Sergio Canales, Maxi Meza; Germán Berterame, Brandon Vázquez.

20:02 |

Welcome to the minute by minute of El Financiero. I am Ana Cruz Manjarrez and this afternoon I will accompany you in the second leg quarterfinals of the Liga MX.

Date and time: When and at what time is the Monterrey vs. Tigres in Liga MX?

Tigres has to row against the current and visit a ‘Steel giant’ packed that longs to celebrate the ticket to the semifinals and even more so if it is the staunch rival.

Rayados Transmission vs. Tigres LIVE: Where to watch the Clásico Regio match back TODAY?

The ticket to the semifinals is not the only thing at stake in this match, the honor of victory in a Clásico Regio knockout requires the best of both teams. Rayados wants the sixth title in its history and Tigres fights for the ninth cup.

The transmission of the second leg quarterfinals steam:

Only victory is good for Tigres, The visiting goal is not a tiebreakerand in case of equality in the overall score, Rayados advances by position in the table.

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