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WorldSudanese soldiers exchange fire with RSF troops on the Nile River

Sudanese soldiers exchange fire with RSF troops on the Nile River

Port Sudan

Sudanese soldiers and paramilitary forces exchanged fire across the Nile River in the capital Khartoum. This incident occurred seven months after a war that human rights groups say was full of atrocities.

“Artillery and rocket fire crossed the river between soldiers in Omdurman, on the west bank, and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in northern Khartoum on the east bank,” said an eyewitness, reported by AFP, Tuesday (28/11/2023) .

The fighting is also supported by other residents, including local activists who say that shelling of civilian homes has killed dozens of people in recent weeks.



Since April, brutal fighting in the city has been going on between the army led by Sudan’s de facto leader Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, and the RSF paramilitary forces, led by Burhan’s former deputy, Mohamed Hamdan Daglo.

More than 10 thousand people have been killed. According to conservative estimates from the Armed Conflict and Events Data Project, and the UN says another 6.3 million people were forced to flee their homes.

Talks brokered by the United States and Saudi Arabia — which resumed this month — have failed to make progress, as the powers jockey for control and refuse to cede territory.

An RSF spokesman said RSF forces attacked the Wadi Seidna airbase, a strategic facility north of Khartoum. RSF troops also claimed to have destroyed a C130 military transport aircraft and an ammunition depot.

More than 800 kilometers (about 500 miles) southwest, witnesses in the town of Muglad in West Kordofan state reported military forces withdrawing from a base after an RSF attack on the oil-rich area.

Eyewitnesses said the Sudanese army, which maintains its monopoly in the air, sent fighter jets to bomb the RSF group in Babanusa, 35 kilometers north of Muglad.


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