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Sumar and Podemos, united against Isabel García, new director of the Women’s Institute, for her transphobia

Sumar, Unidas Podemos have united their speeches this Thursday to ask Ana Redondo’s Ministry of Equality to stop the appointment of Isabel García as new director of the Women’s Institute, approved in the last Council of Ministers this year and which they describe as “shameful” and “regrettable” for, as trans groups point out, “he has maintained openly transphobic speeches” in the processing of Irene Montero’s Trans Law.

The spokesperson for Yolanda Díaz’s platform on feminism, equality and LGTBI rights and freedoms, Elizabeth Duvalhas been one of the first politicians to react to the election of the Ministry of Equality of Ana Redondo and, in a message published on the social network ‘X’, has described the appointment as “shameful” and sending “a regrettable message” by put at the head of the Women’s Institute “someone who supports the conspiracy of the erasure of women and criticizes the dictatorship queerHe has written.

Sumar spoke along the same lines, defining Isabel García’s appointment as “unacceptable” because the Women’s Institute “cannot be in the hands of someone who belittles and insults women and LGTBI people,” the training stated. by Yolanda Díaz in a message published on the social network ‘X’ in which she also proclaims that “freedom belongs to everyone, everyone, or it belongs to no one”

Irene Montero’s dart against the Government

For her part, the former Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, has once again thrown a dart at the Government of Pedro Sánchez after the appointment of Isabel García was announced this Thursday: “Defending trans and LGTBI rights is a democratic obligation. More for a Government that has the obligation to comply and enforce Human Rights. Do not forget that there are more of us,” the one who will be the Unidas Podemos candidate in the next European elections has stated on social networks if the militancy endorses it.

Shortly after, she again attacked Pedro Sánchez’s Executive with a harsh message: “There is something more uncomfortable than feminism: transphobia. And asking for complicit silence,” she claimed in another tweet.

Trans groups ask that the appointment be stopped

The Trans Platform Federation and Euforia Trans-Allied Families have asked the Minister of Equality, Ana Redondo, to “revoke” the appointment of Isabel García as head of the Women’s Institute and, in her place, “put a woman who defend all women, including trans women,” they say in a statement.

In this sense, they say the new director of the Women’s Institute “has maintained openly transphobic and anti-trans rights speeches during the processing of the Trans Law”, pointing out that Isabel García’s arguments are situated in the same ideological framework as the speech of the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso to justify the “cuts in rights” and “the repeal of fundamental aspects of trans and LGTBI laws” in the Community of Madrid.

In this sense, the president of the Trans Platform Federation, Mar Cambrollé, has demanded “coherence” from a coalition government “that calls itself progressive and that cannot put people who have stood out for their transphobic statements at the head of any institution.” and anti trans rights,” he stressed.

The senator from Más Madrid and trans activist, Carla Antonelli, has also criticized the election of a person who has “vexed” the groupand the successor of Mónica García in the Madrid Assembly, Manuela Bergerot, has recalled that “the Ministry of Equality must continue to deepen LGTBI and Trans rights. Even more so now, when governments like that of Madrid are cutting them”, has transferred spokesperson for the green party in ‘X’, a social network in which Íñigo Errejón has also questioned the designation because “in the 21st century there is no room for a person who mocks the LGTBI community and does not respect trans people.”

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