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TechSurveys Prove, People Like Online Shopping

Surveys Prove, People Like Online Shopping


According to the Indonesian e-Commerce Association (idEA), currently more than half Indonesia’s digital economy dominated by eCommerce. Based on the results of the Populix survey, this is because Indonesians still like to shop online.

Electronic, household and health products are people’s top choices at the moment online shopping. This was discovered through an online survey of 1,005 male and female respondents who actively access the internet and e-Commerce applications.

“Currently, Indonesian people tend to choose to shop for electronic, household and health products through e-commerce. In an era of increasingly fierce competition in the world of online commerce, trust is the main factor influencing consumers’ choice of the e-commerce platform they use. ,” said Indah Tanip, Head of Research Populix.

Furthermore, said Indah, this was reinforced by Populix’s findings which revealed that in these three categories, the driving factors that could trigger consumer satisfaction were platforms that could be trusted and relied on, quality goods, safe and reliable delivery, and a comfortable shopping experience.

The survey conducted by Populix in July 2023 revealed that e-commerce is the choice of the majority of Indonesians (82%) for buying electronic products, household needs and health compared to social media (13%) or offline (6%).

Several reasons prompted them to choose to shop for these items through e-commerce platforms, namely saving time and effort (79%), free shipping (72%), cheaper prices than offline stores (62%), purchasing discounts available (61 %), and ease of comparing prices with other stores (57%).

The budget spent on shopping on e-commerce is also higher than shopping on social media, but it still tends to be under-budget when buying goods by visiting stores in person, especially for the electronic product category.

The three e-Commerce brands that are the main choice of Indonesian people in buying electronic, household and health products include Tokopedia, Shopee and Lazada with Tokopedia (44%) occupying the Top of Mind of the Indonesian people, followed by Shopee (40%) and Lazada (11%).

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