Thursday, 26 May 2022
WorldSwedish Foreign Ministry: Russia labels critics' countries as 'Nazis'

Swedish Foreign Ministry: Russia labels critics’ countries as ‘Nazis’


Russia has labeled countries that criticize it as “Nazis,” Sweden’s foreign ministry said Tuesday.

This came after Russia launched a poster campaign in Moscow featuring pro-Nazi quotes by Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren and filmmakers Ingmar Bergman and Kamprad.

“We are against Nazism, but they are not,” the poster reads.

“We have no intention of engaging in a public polemic with the Russian organization ‘Our Victory’, which is reportedly behind these posters,” a foreign ministry spokesman said.

“In Russia, slander about ‘Nazism’ has been used repeatedly against countries and individuals who are critical of Russia’s actions,” he added.

The move comes as Sweden prepares for NATO accession following Russia’s war in Ukraine.

“I am a Nazi! I admire Hitler!” wrote a poster in Russia, using Kamprad’s memoirs.

Kampard was a Nazi sympathizer during the war but later described it as “the biggest mistake of my life.”

At least 3,193 civilians have been killed and 3,353 others injured in Ukraine since the war with Russia began on February 24, according to UN estimates. The actual number of victims is feared to be much higher.

More than 5.5 million people have fled to other countries, with an estimated 7.7 million displaced, according to data from the United Nations refugee agency.

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