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Switzerland: 6 Blessed in Attacks of PKK Supporters Against the Festival of 23 April

AA / Geneva

The sympathizers of the PKK terrorist organization were attacked, dimanche, the celebrations of the Festival of 23 April in Basel, Switzerland.

The Turkish community of Basel organized a festival on the occasion of the Feast of the Infants, which was celebrated on April 23 in Turkey at a time when the date of creation of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (April 23, 1920) was announced.

This is the end of the festivals that a pro-PKK group is not on the festival grounds to verbally attack the present Turks, all chanting slogans in favor of terrorist and hostile groups in Turkey and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The group of a train of militants and ensuite extends the security barriers to physically attack the festivals, blessing 6 people.

The phrase “20 Minutes” was subtitled “PKK sympathizers and Turks are present at the Children ‘s Festival”, with the modification titled “Turks and Kurds being presented at the Children’ s Festival”.

As a result, the Turkish Minister’s Foreign Affiliates has been firmly entrenched in attacking PKK sympathizers, invoking the Swiss authorities to retaliate and bring to justice those responsible.

* Traduit du turc par Tuncay Çakmak

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