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Syakir Daulay Makes You Furious After Parodying the Moment of the Proclamation as a Film Promo


There was something wrong with Syakir Daulay’s behavior to promote the film Imam Without Makmum which he made. The actor who is now directing a drama-comedy genre film has infuriated netizens.

How could it not be, Syakir Daulay made a parody of the film Imam Without Makmum with the Proclamation moment reaping pros and cons. A group of people who are members of the United Indonesian Volunteers, the Alumni Association of Bung Karno University (UBK) together with the Advocates Association of Islamic Lawyers and Islamic Legal Advisors issued a summons against Syakir Daulay.

Syakir Daulay is considered to have insulted the text of the proclamation. The title of the Proclamation video read by Syakir Daulay is not just the text of the proclamation but an invitation to promote the film.

“We, the single Indonesian people, express our concern for Indonesian films. Things about romance and horror films make us even more lonely, because no one wants to go out with us,” said Syakir in a fake accent.

“Therefore, we, the single Indonesian people, declare that we will release a film that has a single character. We will reveal matters regarding the film title, screening and so on in the shortest possible time,” he added.

After the two-minute promotional video appeared that was circulating 4 days ago, criticism was in the comments column.

“We alumni of Bung Karno University (UBK) students, together with several Board of Advocates of the Association of Islamic Lawyers and Indonesian Islamic Law Advisers (PPIPHI), will receive an open subpoena, brother Syakir Daulay,” said the Head of the UBK Student Alumni Network, Arifin Zainal.

The same thing was also expressed by United Indonesia Volunteers who considered that there were 3 factors that Syakir Daulay considered insulting this sacred moment.

“First, imitating our Proclamator in its content. Second, parodying the text of the Proclamation which we consider sacred, this Proclamation text becomes aware that we are independent. Third, reading the content, in its content, when reading singles, singles he conveys, that is the background. the heroes,” said Ferry Razali when met at Polda Metro Jaya, Thursday (31/82/2023).

“This content is not just a parody, but an insult, harassment of the proclaimer, the text of the Proclamation and the heroes,” he continued.

The reporter also held a number of pieces of evidence that corroborated his report against Syakir Daulay.

“This is evidence from his Instagram, until now it has not been deleted. Then there are also comments from netizens who all criticize, no one defends them,” said Lisman Hasibuan.

As a deterrent effect, the United Indonesian Volunteers asked Syakir Daulay not only to apologize, but to kiss the Indonesian flag.

“Yes, if possible, he would apologize to all Indonesian people, don’t do it again and just kiss the Indonesian flag,” said Lisman Hasibuan.

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