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TechSynology BeeStation, Can Create Personal Cloud Storage

Synology BeeStation, Can Create Personal Cloud Storage


Synology released its new product called BeeStation which functions to easily become personal cloud storage.

Basically, BeeStation is a network attached storage (NAS), namely a storage solution (hard disk) that is attached to a router. The difference is, BeeStation is equipped with supporting applications with various functions.

Users can back up data, manage it, and of course have full control over their personal data. Users will also be able to access their data from anywhere, not just from the network where the BeeStation is installed, with a storage capacity of 4TB.



“With BeeStation, we can address different needs. BeeStation packages all file management and backup needs into a single unit of hardware and software that is more accessible and simplified,” said Lewis Sheng, Synology Product Manager, in a statement received by detikINET, Friday (8/3/2024).

The installation process is fairly easy. Users simply scan the QR code using a cellphone or tablet, and connect the BeeStation to the router using a LAN cable.

The application is available on the web, desktop or mobile devices, and functions to manage and access files from anywhere, just like what other cloud storage service providers offer.

With BeeStation, automatic backup of photos and videos from iOS and Android devices will preserve users’ most important memories. In addition, the AI-powered photo management feature makes it easy for users to organize their entire photo gallery, making it easier to search for and share specific photos or albums with fast and accurate object and person recognition.

BeeStation features include the ability to backup files from Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and connected USB drives, ensuring that users always have a copy of their important data.

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