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WorldTaliban again starts imposing restrictions on women in Afghanistan, UN report

Taliban again starts imposing restrictions on women in Afghanistan, UN report

Islamabad. In Afghanistan, Taliban is imposing various types of restrictions on unmarried women or women who are living without a male guardian i.e. Mahram. This information was given in a United Nations report on Monday. According to the report, the Taliban have imposed restrictions on women living without a male guardian on their work, travel and access to healthcare. The report described an incident in which officials from Afghanistan’s Ministry of Conduct advised a woman to get married if she wanted to keep her job at a health care facility, because “such a woman would be forced to work.” It is unfair to someone who is not married.”

The Taliban had promised to adopt a moderate stance after coming to power in 2021 but have imposed several restrictions on women and barred them from pursuing education beyond the sixth grade. It has closed beauty parlors and imposed several rules regarding women’s attire. Women who do not wear hijab have been arrested under Taliban rule. The Taliban issued an order in May 2022 telling women that only their eyes should be visible and that they must wear a head-to-toe burqa. A similar decree was in force during the previous Taliban regime between 1996 and 2001.

The Afghanistan-based UN mission said in its latest quarterly report from October to December last year that the Taliban is imposing restrictions on Afghan women who are single or do not have a male escort or mahram. There is no official law regarding male escorts in Afghanistan, but the Taliban have said that if women are to travel they must be accompanied by a man who is related to them by blood or who is their husband.

The report said that in October last year, three female health care workers were detained because they were going to work without a mahram. The report said they were released after their families gave written guarantees that they would not repeat the crime. Women have also been arrested for purchasing contraceptives even though the Taliban has not officially banned it. The Taliban ministry has not yet commented on the UN report.

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