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Tariq Halilintar Invited him to have coffee and ended up kneeling and begging Aaliyah Massaid to be his wife


YouTuber Tariq Halilintar really shows seriousness in his relationship with Aaliyah Massaid. He officially proposed to singer Reza Artamevia’s son.

The moment Atta Halilintar’s younger brother begged for marriage to become Aaliyah’s wife was seen on social media. At that time, he wanted to invite his girlfriend for coffee.

“Hi, you were invited to drink coffee for the first time, this time no one stopped you. Later you check the answers above, take a photo and send it to me,” wrote Tariq Halilintar as seen in his Instagram Stories, seen by detikcom, Thursday (16/5/ 2024).



Tariq and Aaliyah Massaid drink coffee with a green view stretching out in front. At that time they wore matching white clothes.

Then Tariq Halilintar knelt in front of Aaliyah. He also showed a ring which surprised his girlfriend.

“Just a normal coffee day he said, until thank God it’s official,” wrote Aaliyah Massaid.

After the proposal in person, Tariq called his parents. He expressed his happiness at being able to do this.

Aaliyah Massaid also contacted the family. His mother then delivered a message.

“Dear my beloved children, Aaliyah and Tariq. Bismillahirrahmanirrohim, strengthen your intentions and straighten your steps of worship for HIS blessing and shine to meet the happiness of your life. Our prayers and love are always for you both,” wrote Reza Artamevia.

Tariq Halilintar has been in a relationship with Aaliyah for the past year. He is said to be able to make Aaliyah Massaid always full of happiness.

“What is certain is that of course, as a parent, I also ask whether they are serious or not, so if you are serious, live it well. And this month of Ramadan is a month full of blessings, it’s time to pray, that’s my message to them,” said Reza recently in South Jakarta.

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