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EntertainmentTariq Halilintar said about his closeness to Aaliyah Massaid

Tariq Halilintar said about his closeness to Aaliyah Massaid


It is rumored that Tariq Halilintar is dating Aaliyah Massaid. This is because the two of them are often seen together at events.

Confirmed by the media crew about his relationship, Atta Halilintar’s younger brother then gave an answer about his current relationship with Aaliyah Massaid.

“Friend,” replied Tariq Halilintar briefly when met in the Central Jakarta area, Saturday (2/9/2023).

Tariq Halilintar said he had known Aaliyah Massaid for a long time. So it’s not surprising that the two of them are now good friends.

“I’ve known him for a long time, a long time,” said Thariq Halilintar.

On the same occasion, Tariq Halilintar revealed how Aaliyah Massaid looked in his eyes.

“Okay,” replied Tariq Halilintar again briefly.

Then, he revealed the figure of his dream woman who would later become his lover. Tariq Halilintar wants women who he can talk to in the midst of the busy life he is currently facing.

“I want a girl who can chat, and when she has a busy schedule, she wants to be able to listen to each other,” explained Thariq Halilintar.

For information, Tariq Halilintar and Aaliyah Massaid were seen together at the moment of celebrating Al Ghazali’s birthday on Friday (1/9) in the morning.

This immediately made the public suspicious and suspected that Tariq Halilintar and Aaliyah Massaid were dating.

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