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WorldTeachers demand a 100% salary increase... but AMLO only offers 10%

Teachers demand a 100% salary increase… but AMLO only offers 10%

This Wednesday, the teachers of the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) will hold a march in Mexico City to commemorate Teacher’s Day and with the purpose of demanding a 100 percent salary increase.

The members of the CNTE argue that said salary increase is necessary, because The majority of teachers barely earn an income of between 11,000 and up to 13,500 pesos per month..

In addition, teachers demand that the Government of Mexico repeal the educational reform.

This march of the CNTE teachers left from the Higher Normal School, at 9 in the morning this Wednesday, May 15, to head towards the Zócalo esplanade. That is to say, there will be traffic cuts on different streets and avenues in the capital, so it is recommended that you leave in time to reach your destination.

It is worth mentioning that CNTE teachers Not only do they plan to carry out this march to demand their salary increase, but they They also threaten an indefinite work stoppage and this could affect thousands of basic level students.

This is how the salary increase for teachers will look like

This Wednesday during the morning conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that a 10 percent salary increase will be applied for teachers, this as their day is commemorated.

The purpose of the Mexican president is that the salary that teachers receive remains at 17,635 pesos per monththis would represent an increase of 47 percent by the end of his six-year term.

“In our government we have never disrespected teachers for the dignified treatment they deserve, along with admiration. “We have tried to improve their salary conditions and social conditions to the limit of our possibilities,” he said in the morning.

He explained that during his six-year term A sum of 175 billion additional pesos has been allocated to those budgeted to apply salary increases to teachers, teachers and education workers.

“Now they will get 17,635 pesos per month, that is, an increase, in the six-year term alone, of 47.5 percent,” he added.

The president added that this same day he will have an event with teachers, leaders, representatives and leaders from all over the country, in which he will announce other announcements on educational matters.

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