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TechTelkomsel Releases GamesMAX Booster Package, Guaranteed Game Play Without Lag

Telkomsel Releases GamesMAX Booster Package, Guaranteed Game Play Without Lag


Mobile operator Telkomsel presenting special game packages, GameMAX Booster with prices starting at IDR 25 thousand. Telkomsel guarantees that customers who use this package will not experiencelag while playing games.

The gaming and esports industry ecosystem in Indonesia continues to develop rapidly along with the growth of esports players, widespread internet penetration, and increasingly widespread smartphone adoption. As a cell operator

“Telkomsel wants gamers to experience a smooth and comfortable gaming experience through the GamesMAX Booster package which is supported by Telkomsel’s leading broadband network capabilities,” said Vice President Brand & Marketing Communications Telkomsel, Abdullah Fahmi in Jakarta, Friday (8/3/2024).



GamesMAX Booster internet package comes with a combination of regular data quota and games data quota, which is a special quota for mobile game applications that can reduce network latency which will provide a better mobile game playing experience.

“There is a booster, why is there a booster name because there is a feature to speed up playing the game or to improve the latency. So, if playing the game lags, then use the booster package, it will run smoothly,” said Auliya I Fadli as General Manager – Games and Apps are encountered on the same occasion.

“Based on experiments in several places, it can increase up to 25%. It depends on the conditions, for example if there is congestion in a place, the GamesMAX package is prioritized, whereas in quiet areas it is just smooth,” he continued.

The special games quota contained in the GamesMAX Booster internet package can not only improve the gaming experience without lag, but can also be used to surf, stream, download or update applications on the Google Play Store at high speed.

Apart from releasing the GamesMAX Booster internet package, Telkomsel also presents DG Rings vouchers which can be exchanged for various popular game items available at Dunia Games.

List of GamesMAX Booster Internet Packages

GamesMAX Booster Silver

– Regular Quota 1.5 GB
– 10 GB Games Quota
– DG Rings 10 thousand
– Active period of 30 days
– Price IDR 25 thousand

GamesMAX Booster Gold

– Regular Quota 3.5 GB
– 20 GB Games Quota
– DG Rings 25 thousand
– Active period of 30 days
– Price IDR 50 thousand

GamesMAX Booster Diamond

– Regular Quota 6 GB
– 30 GB Games Quota
– DG Rings 30 thousand
– Active period of 30 days
– Price IDR 75 thousand

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