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Temporary Vote Results for Artist Candidates in Banten: Rano Karno to Ucok Baba


A row of artist legislative candidates are also competing for parliamentary seats for the Indonesian DPR and Provincial DPRD through the Banten electoral district. You can see that the ranks include Rano Karno to Ucok Baba.

Saturday (17/2/2024) as of 13.00 WIB there were 14,676 out of 33,324 polling stations or 44.04 percent who reported their vote results to the KPU. Judging from the real count on the KPU website, PKB is in first place with 11.73 percent, then Golkar with 11.63 percent, PDIP with 11.62 percent, Democrat with 10.95 percent, and Gerindra with 10.23 percent.

Artist candidates were found in the Banten II electoral district, namely Raslinna Rasidin from PAN and Usnan Batubara or Ucok Baba from PPP. Banten II covers the areas of Serang Regency, Cilegon City and Serang City.



Raslinna Rasidin temporarily received 372 votes and was in sixth position out of 6 PAN legislative candidates. Usnan Batubara from PPP received 1,911 votes and was in fifth position out of 6 PPP legislative candidates.

Banten III, which is called the hell constituency, has the names Rano Karno from PDIP and Virnie Ismail from PAN. Banten III covers the Greater Tangerang area, namely Tangeran Regency, South Tangerang City and Tangerang.

It is called the hell electoral district because there are a number of big names, there are two former Banten governors Rano Karno and Wahidin Halim, as well as former South Tangerang mayor Airin Rachmi Diany who are vying for the Indonesian DPR seat in Banten III. There are also several big figures, namely Sufmi Dasco who is now Deputy Chair of the DPR RI and Hary Tanoesoedibjo as Chair of Perindo.

Rano Karno temporarily received 22,987 votes and was in first place out of 10 PDIP legislative candidates. Virnie Ismail temporarily received 3,072 votes and was in ninth position out of 10 PAN legislative candidates.

Meanwhile, for the Provincial DPRD, the names Marissya Icha appeared in the Banten 8 electoral district and Verlita Evelyn in Banten 9. For the Banten provincial DPRD, there were already 12,953 out of 33,324 polling stations or 38.87 percent who reported.

Marisya Mulyana or Marissya Icha received 150 votes and was in third place out of 7 PAN legislative candidates.

Meanwhile, Verlita Evelyn, who competed in Banten 9, received 2,099 votes and was in fourth position out of 11 PDIP legislative candidates.

These figures are of course not final because vote counting is still ongoing until March 20 2024.

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